Two Tongues, Two Times, Two Layers of Reality

Virtual Reconstruction of Roman Temple at Tarraco by Imageen app

Time Travel. We all would like to try it. Especially to the remote past, that undiscovered country.

It’s impossible–we know. Or is it?

We do have portkeys: not magical objects that when touched will instantly teleport us to some other place and time, but ordinary objects that wear their secrets on their sculpted or written surfaces, in their beams, in the sounds of old and dying languages.

All we need to be able to do is read between the lines, learn to decode the ciphers.

This is what I plan to do. I plan to burrow beneath our modern layer of reality, to time travel mentally, and try to understand how people from the past thought and felt. I'll post about my findings here.

Why should I do this? I'm doing this because I want to. Otherwise each little mystery becomes an ear worm in my brain, nagging at me until I do my best to solve it. I have a PhD in Film studies, specifically, film history, and I write historical novels, so I know something about historical research. But many of the things I will blog about here are not in my area of expertise. It’s just me trying to understand and connect with someone or something from the past.

 I look forward to comments from those who know more than I do.