If you like thrillers, this magazine is for you

Thrill Ride 2024 Issue lineup

I recently discovered a new magazine where I can read Thriller short stories! It's called ThrillRide magazine. 

Do you like?

Traveling to challenging locales: the Caribbean Islands, Angola, the hell of commuting in Atlanta, Oxford, Africa, N'Orleans, Hollywood, and the streets of Seattle like you've never seen them?

Dwelling in strange times: Ancient China, the birth of Christianity, decaying Babylon, the Wild West (but not in the West), WWII, last week, and the day after tomorrow?

Sitting down beside: kidnappers, assassins, sailors, air-crash investigators, former and current military, soccer moms on the rampage, everyday people backed into a corner, and one very annoyed Viking super-warrior?

Matt Buchman, the editor, invited me to contribute an article to the first issue. I also have a story in the upcoming second issue and another in the bonus reprint issue.

The only way to subscribe to the magazine is to participate in the yearly kickstarter, which is happening now, and will end on February 27th. Want to discover the short-form thriller with some bestselling and award-winning authors? Then check it out here.