How to Edit Your Fiction

When I was a child my entrepreneur father moved us around a lot. Mostly we ended up in places where everyone spoke Spanish, from Mexico to Spain. As a result I learned how to read in Spanish before I learned how to read in English.  I learned how to conjugate verbs in Spanish while I was a schoolgirl in Spain but never really mastered the same material in English.

Steampunk Media List

I've been working on a steampunk western romance tentatively entitled The Separation of the Senses. Although I've been a fan of steampunk since I first started reading Jules Verne in the 1960s, once I actually started writing my own work I wanted to immerse myself in steampunk worlds completely. The best way to do that, of course, is to watch movies. But figuring out which movies to watch was not so easy, as there is wide disagreement on what exactly constitutes Steampunk. For what is is worth, here is my list.

Literary Romance

The first time I learned about Romance (as in literary Romances, not as in romance novels) I was a playwriting student (the first student to major in playwriting there, in fact) at Catholic University.

The teacher was talking about canon formation, and how often what ended up making it into the canon were things people actually liked to read, which is Romance.

Shakespeare’s last four plays, Cymbeline, Winter’s Tale, Pericles, and Tempest are Romances.