BE NATURAL premieres at Cannes

Alice directs Bessie Love in Spring of the Year
Alice Guy, left directs Bessie Love on horseback in Spring of the Year (1918)

The documentary, Be Natural, based in part on my bookThe Lost Visionary, premiered at Cannes this month. This is how the Hollywood Reporter describes the film:

Retracing her steps from Paris to Fort Lee, N.J., to California and then back to Europe, director Green builds up a lively portrait of the Wild West of early cinema, a terrain that at first was not so hostile to women participating in it because no one took it that seriously as an art form. It became one of the few fields then in which women like Guy-Blache and later Lois Weber (who had an affair with Alice's shifty husband Herbert Blache) could be the boss, shaping a form that was considered an attraction largely for kids, women and working classes.

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