Authors not to be missed at Bouchercon 2018

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In 2016 I wrote an article for The Big Thrill about Susanna Calkin's A Death Along the River Fleet. A Death Along the River Fleet was the fourth in a series that started with A Murder at Rosamund's Gate, about Lucy Campion, chambermaid, who must use her wits and every other available resource to solve a murder and protect herself from the killer. Campion becomes a printer's apprentice and tries to stay away from crime, but it always seems to find her.

In addition to her four novels, Calkins has published three short stories. The latest is "The Trial of Madame Pelletier," published in Malice Domestic's anthology Mystery Most Historical. The story has been nominated for an Anthony. You can read the story here.

Calkins is one of the authors you can meet at Bouchercon. She'll be signing at the Bouchercon Anthology signing (she has a story in there too!) at 1pm on Thursday, and on the "It's All In The Details—Talking Historical Research" and at 11 am on Friday she's on the panel with the other Anthony Award Nominees. 

Here are the other nominees, with links to each of their stories:

The Anthony Awards will be announced at 7 pm on Saturday night. 


I wrote about Shaun Harris and his debut novel, The Hemingway Thief for The Big Thrill. He's now working on a comic series called Las Vegas Repo.


Watch out too for R.V. Reyes, author of The Jeweler's Mark, who is on "The Business is Cozy," panel. 


Michael Sears is the author of four novels about financial investigator Jason Stafford and his autistic son. Stafford is a different kind of investigator, with different kinds of thrills, coupled with a heart-rending relationship with his autistic son. Sears is on the "Holding You Hostage_Keeping the Reader Engaged" panel at noon on Thursday.


Last but definitely not least, look for Charles Todd, the pen name for writing duo Caroline and Charles Todd, authors of two WWI series, the Ian Rutledge series and the Nurse Bess Crawford Series. He's on the "Somewhere in Time—What Time and Place Contribute to Historicals"  panel at 2 pm on Thursday.

To see what other writers are attending Bouchercon, check the directory here.