Alison McMahan has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines such as Filmmaker, Millimiter, American Cinematographer and The Independent. In addition she has written  academic papers on the topics of film history, digital media, and virtual reality. Here is a selection.

"Film Technology Before 1914", chapter on early cinema history in Europe for the European Cinema, Elizabeth Ezra, ed., Oxford University Press, November 2003.

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"Memesis: A Prototype in Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Narration for CAVEs" Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, VSMM2003: Hybrid Reality: Art, Technology and the Human Factor, Montreal, October 15-17, 2003, ed. Hal Thwaites, Montreal, Canada: Hexagram Institute, October 2003, pp. 694-702.

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"The Drive To Mechanisation And Digitisation" Chapter in The French Cinema Book, BFI, Richard Abel, ed., 2003.

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"Immersion, Engagement and Presence: A Method for Analyzing 3-D Video Games" Chapter on issues of presence and engagement in virtual reality environments and computer games for anthology

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"The Day Hollywood Went Digital: Jurassic Park and the transition from stop motion and animatronics to CGI in Hollywood" Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Minneapolis, March 2003.

"Age of Empires or Age of Imperialism? Economic Game Theory, Strategy Games, and Culture", Race in Digital Cinema Conference 2.0, University of Southern California, October 10-12, 2002.

"Will the Real Animation Please Stand Up: The Transition from Stop-Motion and Animatronics to CGI in Hollywood Films", 14th Annual Society for Animation Studies Conference, Glendale, CA, September 28, 2002.

"Sentient VR: The Memesis Project (Report of a Work in Progress)" Proceedings of the 6th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI 2002) Orlando, Fla., July 14-18, 2002, edited by Nagib Callaos, Marin Bica and Maria Sanchez,Orlando, Fla.: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS), 2002, pp. 467-472.

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"Consoles versus Content: The Battle at Sega", Playing with the Future: Development and Directions in Computer Gaming, Manchester, UK April 2002. Read the abstract here.

"Machine (the computer)+Cinema=Machinima," Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Denver, CO., March 2002.