Florida Romance Writers Online Workshop "Abusing the Sentence"

Florida Romance Writers will host an online workshop by MM Pollard, editor for Black Velvet Seductions.

I just took Pollard's two week workshop, " Head-hopping and Roving Body Parts." Pollard's lessons are short, to the point, and memorably funny. I'll never be able to write a sentence like

"His head popped up from the menu," or

" His legs raced down the street," or

Kickstarter Campaign for Be Natural

About three years ago the Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs of the PIC Agency optioned my book, Alice Guy Blaché:Lost Visionary of the Cinema, with the goal of making a documentary film which entitled Be Natural. The title harks back to the sign Alice had in her film studio, trying to coax actors used to using pantomime on the stage to emote with more restraint for the camera.