Aljaferia MihrabAljaferia Mihrab

For many years I've had a poster of an interior of the Aljaferia on the wall in front of my writing desk.

Alcazaba of MalagaAlcazaba of Malaga

Our Camino MapOur Camino Map

Dingaling Reunion in GloucesterDingaling Reunion in GloucesterIn July of 2008 Ted and Annie Deppe led one of their bi-yearly Stonecoast residencies in Dingle, Ireland.

Soundtrack for a night in Jerusalem:
The Muezzin's loudspeakered call to prayer. A group of Armenian nuns singing hymns.  A radio playing Arab pop
music -- celebrating sundown on yet another day of Ramadan. Children playing, snapping caps. 

Muezzin CallsMuezzin Calls



Dome of the RockDome of the Rock

Leanna Renee  Hieber gets a Prism Award at The GatheringLeanna Renee Hieber gets a Prism Award at The GatheringSTEAMPUNK PANEL AT RWA 30